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    That is right folks! We survived one year and hopefully we'll stay here for many years to come. I for sure am not planning to go anywhere!
    For our one year anniversary we did lots of things! I launched a memories competition about the most memorable thing that has happened to people over the past year and the most memorable moment with their free company buddies that they remember! And we have also took a picture together! Kind of sad that many people that we knew were on a break at that point, but thank you so much for all of those that did come.

    Yup, that is indeed us!

    Now I'm sure that you will want to read the winner entries to the memories competition. Some of the entries are so pretty, others are so emotional, but all worth a read. Let's start with the free company category:

    This is Celeste_leiko's entry that won the competition. Warning, it's a long read, so press that spoiler at your own risk!

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    It had been a difficult decision, leaving everything behind. Celeste knew it was for the best though, nothing remained for her on Coeurl so mustering her courage she'd made the jump to an alternate dimension, an alternate Eorzea. Everything was the same, yet so different. People's sleeping habits were weird, night seemed to be day and everybody except for herself seemed to have some sort of accent. Though she'd dreaded the move at first, it had proven to be the right decision. Nothing had remained for her on Coeurl, and Odin had quickly proven to be a much better home.

    The beginning weeks had been rough. Though her and Tsumugi had tried to build their own Free Company, a community of like minded people to adventure with, their attempts had fallen in vain so they quickly disbanded. Perhaps it had not helped that Celeste's true passion had always been to raid, tackling the toughest of challenges that so very few could survive. Nothing had come close to the exhiliration she had felt when she'd
  • March 14th is the day The Unknowns spread out to Black Desert Online and so far we are having a blast.
    We're currently sitting on 11 families who have joined our ranks and we are taking our time to explore the world and do what we love.

    So far we're not far ahead in leveling yet but Moody is currently working on a fishing boat and is taking the guild on a fishing trip.

    We're recruiting on the the main Black Desert Forums and on Reddit.
    So if you wish to help us out leave a comment on the forums in the topic or up-vote our topic on Reddit o/ Much appreciated.

    Lastly I've put up a shared photo album online to put our best screenshots in, so take a gander when you have the time.
    Currently there are not a lot of pictures in yet but that will change in the future (especially if Pybo keeps making amazing ones)

    Just to give you guys a taste how it can look, here is a shot I made o/ Hope to see you guys in game!

  • Hello dear reader! Let me introduce you to who we are!

    We are a social medium sized free company (guild) on FFXIV Odin server. We have a raid group, very lively discord server, a medium house and plenty of casual folk to chat with on FC chat. Our discord is for mature audiences only, however we try and keep the free company chat swear word and indecency free, so the free company is family friendly :)

    We do have some rules and events, you can go and read them here.

    The community itself is full of fun people. We tried to find the best way to portray this and it was difficult. We came to a conclusion that introducing ourselves is best done with videos. Currently it's mostly the messing about of our static, but I do hope that as time progresses we'll be able to show off our other members too ^^

    All of our videos always go to The Unknowns channel so if you want to follow us, you can do so there!

  • The Hype is real!

    The Unknowns are ready for the release of Blade and Soul in the West. Most of us are starting on head start day, the 15th of January. So we thought, we like each other so much…How about levelling parties? We’re starting off with multiple levelling parties on head start and other days. Still haven’t found a party? There are still spots left in here:…d-start-Official-release/

    Don't want to be tied down by an existing party? Not sure you'll be able to play directly at headstart? No problem, there are probably more than enough people willing to party up in our Discord server. Quite a few members are planning on rushing level 45 as soon as possible and love to team up. Due to popular demand we also need to rush Clan levels, seeing as we need a level three clan to get 60 member spots total to accommodate for all the people who wish to join, so we might have to ask for a few silvers to rush it as soon as possible.

    Speaking of members, let us introduce the staff members who are going to play Blade and Soul and the names of their characters as well!
    Our very own Guildmaster Anvh/Elf will be playing as Elfarran, second is the slightly absent-minded Co-Guildmaster EquiNoxy who will be playing under the name Krystalux. Third is our suave Senior Officer who will be playing with his super original thought off name Ray. Fourth is First Officer Veremisia, lover of Lyns and cats, who will be playing under the name Veremisia. Last and least(if you believe Ray) is our Jack of all Trades Officer Heero Valentine who is so indecisive we’re not even sure if he will be playing under this name, but he’ll most likely play as Moby Malone.

    Lastly a friendly reminder for people who haven’t been keeping up with Discord and the meetings. We will be playing on Ebon Hall as part of the Cerulean Order.

    Have fun and see you all in game